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Speedline Trans is a transportation company that has been operating in the market for several years, with extensive experience in international transport beyond the European Union. Our company is known for professionalism and high-quality transportation services, making it one of the best in its field, particularly in handling oversize shipments.

The employees of Speedline Trans possess years of knowledge and experience in the field of oversize transportation, enabling the safe and efficient transport of large cargoes. Their familiarity with the specifics of the transportation market, including regulations and requirements for oversize transport, allows us to provide services at the highest level.


What and how we do.

European Union to the CIS countries and back, as well as intra-EU routes.

Speedline Trans also offers regular transport services from the European Union to the CIS countries and back, as well as intra-EU routes. This ensures not only a secure but also a fast and timely delivery of shipments to their destinations. As a result, our clients can always rely on consistent service and reliability in transportation.


In summary, Speedline Trans is a transportation company characterized by professionalism, experience, market knowledge, and regular transport capabilities. If you need to transport an oversize load from the European Union to the CIS countries or vice versa, Speedline Trans is the ideal choice.

loads under T1/T2

Our fleet includes various types of trailers: semi-trailers, low-bed trailers, and platforms. Our vehicles can carry loads of up to 30 tons, and we also collaborate with partners who can transport cargoes up to 250 tons. We handle various types of cargoes such as tall combines, seeders, tractors, balers, construction elements, equipment, and other oversize items. 

We have access to transshipment yards equipped with cranes, forklifts, and covered storage areas for free warehousing. We know how to handle T1/T2 transport procedures. We are experts in customs and documentation matters and have extensive capabilities in assisting with complex customs clearance issues.


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